What are the stages of addiction recovery Treatment?

Thinking about getting help for addiction? Here’s what to expect from the addiction recovery treatment process.

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, it can be difficult to watch. If it is yourself that has the addiction, you might not notice how bad it has been. If it is a loved one who suffers from addiction, they may not believe how bad things are when you point it out to them. You may even end up having to stage an intervention.

Before you do rush off to stage an intervention, here is what your loved one or yourself should expect from the addiction treatment process. Recovery is possible. All you need is determination and a little help from the right people.

Where to get help for addiction recovery?

If you live in the UK, your first stop for addiction recovery treatment should be your local GP. The National Health Service is run by the government to ensure everyone in the UK gets a certain standard of healthcare. They also provide addiction recovery treatment. They will put you through several outpatient treatments before the commit to semi funding your stay in a private rehab clinic.

We recommend you bypass NHS waiting lists and opt for private rehab care from the outset. This allows you to recover from addiction on your own terms and at your own pace.

How to find the right rehab clinic?

You should use a rehab selection service to find the best rehab clinic for you. A rehab selection service will ask you a series of questions, and judging by your answers will be able to connect you with one of their network of rehab clinics in the UK. See this website for more.

The Stages Of Addiction Recovery Treatment

When you do decide to get help from rehab, this is what you should expect.

1 – The Detox

Detoxing means allowing the chemicals to leave your body completely. If you have a substance abuse problem, this can take a few days. You will still feel the effect of craving your addiction for potentially weeks or months afterwards. Detox is usually considered a chemical thing. However, not every addiction is related to substance abuse. Gambling addiction, for example, still needs a detox period of abstinence.

2 – The Rehab

Rehab stands for rehabilitation. The object of going to rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction as to rehabilitate yourself into society. Rehab follows immediately on after the detox process. It involves several different types of therapy, each of which is aimed at helping you make a full recovery. You may receive DBT therapy, CBT therapy, or sessions with the specialist alcohol counsellor. You will also receive group therapy sessions in rehab.

Rehab offers several programmes, and you may have heard of some of them. One of the most famous programmes you can take in rehab is the 12 steps programme. This was devised by Alcoholics Anonymous in the early 1900s to help people to stop drinking. The 12 step programme has since been adopted by many other agencies and is used worldwide.

3 – Aftercare

Once you have gone through the detox process and finished rehab, you will be released back into your normal life. This is difficult for many. You go from the supportive, nurturing environment of rehab back and to your gritty everyday troubles. It’s normal to wobble. A great rehab clinic will provide support for you during this transitionary phase.

There Is Nothing To Fear From Rehab

There is nothing to fear from rehab. Check yourself into a clinic near you and see for yourself.

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