Teaching Your Children Good Oral Hygiene

As miserable as the nightly breakdowns might be from your children when you bring up brushing their teeth, it’s the best way to avoid any level of worse meltdown when they finally visit the dentist’s office. While it’s important to establish a brushing habit at home, children need just as much encouragement when visiting the dentist’s office. For example, being mindful of the language you use when discussing the dentist’s office. Avoid words that might make them more nervous. Similarly, simulating a dentist office experience with your child can help him or her become more prepared. Finally, be sure to discuss the dentist as an ally rather than a villain. While it’s true the process might be unpleasant, emphasize how important it is in taking care of their teeth in the long-term. For more information related to the bettering of your child’s nightly brushing routines, be sure to review the infographic paired alongside this post.

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