How Does Addiction Affect Child Custody And What Can You Do?

People abuse or lose the ability to control substances either alcohol or drug, despite knowing the negative impact it has on life. One of the biggest impacts substance abuse has is losing custody of their children. This is because of their inability to provide basic needs and security to their child.

In case of custody, when filing for divorce, the court determines the foster care system as the placement arrangement for the child, depending on the child’s best interest. Organizations such as Child Protective Services assess addiction through screening and in-home investigation. They partner with rehab centers to help abusers retain their parental role in the life of their children.

If you are one such parent who lost the custody of your child and plan to regain it, you need to get help from Child Protective Services through the Detox to Rehab community. They guide and support you to ease through addiction and attain sobriety in all possible ways. They motivate you by sharing others’ success stories and inspirational videos, as well as having friendly discussions to get back to life and helping you get your child.

If a parent is abusing an illegal substance or alcohol, not taking care of a child, or poses any harm, then Drug courts judicially supervise and do justice to the child. The Family drug courts are meant to treat abusers in the families by working with rehab centers and many welfare agencies.

The drug courts help the addicts in recovering and regaining the child permanently. After recovery, addicts undergo a drug test and provide the evidence to the court. Depending on the evidence, they will be considered alcohol-free and drug-free by the court and allow retaining or regain the custody of their child.

Treatment programs and therapies related to substance use works and are beneficial to both parent and child. Early detection of substance abuse and treatment plan could give the best results.

Finally, when the parent gets fully recovered from addiction, recommendations regarding custody of the child are made by the rehabs like Detox to Rehab, and this will be helpful for the child’s safety and well-being.

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