Health Benefits of the Keto Diet and Why It Works?

A keto diet plan focuses mainly on eating food rich in healthy fats, and ample proteins and contains very few carbohydrates. The ultimate goal of this diet is to get more calories from the fats you consume rather than depending on carbs for energy production. 

The diet works by breaking down the sugar reserves of our body to produce energy. So, the fat in our body and the food eaten in a keto diet. As a result, the body’s sugar reserves are depleted, and the fat is used to produce energy. Ketones are produced by our body to function normally. As the body is now dependent on fats, you automatically lose weight while following this diet. Different keto diet plans include Cyclical Ketogenic and Standard Ketogenic Diets.

How Does a Keto Diet Plan Work?

To understand how keto diet plans work, imagine your body being a car and glucose being the fuel that drives the vehicle. Your body produces glucose from food and runs on that energy.

What will happen to your body if this glucose supply is cut down or blocked completely? The car will still have to move, and your body will need energy to perform physical and mental tasks. 

In this situation, your body will fall back on ketones, a backup fuel. Ketones are produced when our liver breaks down the fat putting your body in a state of ketosis. 

A properly planned keto diet will prevent protein and carbohydrate consumption and replace it with healthy fats. Your body will have to break down this fat into ketones to help you function properly, resulting in significant weight loss.

What Are the Health Benefits of Going On a Keto Diet Plan?

Appetite Reduction

The primary side effect of dieting is hunger cravings. This is one of the primary reasons people eventually give up on their diet. However, research shows that consistently being on a low-carb diet has reduced appetite.

Studies have found that people who have been religiously cutting out carbs from their meals and eating more healthy fats and proteins end up gaining fewer calories.

Aids In Weight Loss

One of the most secure ways of losing is to go on a keto diet. It not only helps in reducing appetite but also enhances metabolism to help break down fats and proteins quickly.

Standard ketogenic diets contain filling food that might reduce the production of hunger-stimulating hormones, promoting weight loss. Researchers have found scientific evidence in two studies that the keto diet promotes weight loss.

In 2013, the researchers meta-analysed 13 randomised controlled trials. They concluded that people on a keto diet plan lost 2 lbs more than those following a low-fat diet over a year. 

Another scientific review found that the keto diet plan helped people lose 5 pounds more after six months than those on a low-fat diet.

Reduces Acne Breakout

There are several reasons for acne breakout. Improper diet and varying blood sugar levels have been associated as one of the primary causes of mild to severe acne. When you are on a diet comprising refined carbs, it will disturb the delicate balance between bad and good bacteria in the gut leading to skin problems.

A 2012 study found that going on a keto diet and reducing carbs can either stop or significantly reduce acne breakouts.

Reduced Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fat molecules found in the bloodstream, and high levels strongly indicate an unhealthy heart. One of the main factors for increased triglyceride levels in your bloodstream is a sedentary lifestyle accompanied by unregulated carb consumption. So, when you cut down carbs, and the body runs on ketones, the triglycerides level automatically goes down.

Increase in Good Cholesterol Levels

HDL or High-density lipoprotein, commonly known as good cholesterol, is an indicator of a healthy heart. So, suppose the good cholesterol levels go up compared to the bad cholesterol or LDL. In that case, it will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

One of the natural ways to increase good cholesterol is to eat healthy fats and reduce carbs as much as possible. Keto diets have been found to increase good cholesterol levels significantly.

In Conclusion

Consistency and eating the right food are key to making a diet plan work. The Keto diet plan is hard to follow as you must be cautious about what you eat. To simplify life, you can subscribe to ready-to-eat keto meals delivered to your doorstep.

This way, you can get the benefits of the keto diet plan without the hassle of meal prep and cooking after a busy day.

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