Finding the best addiction treatment center for yourself, your family member, or your friend can be an overwhelming process. With the rise of alcoholism and drug addictions, there has been an influx of addiction treatment centers, some of which are only concerned about monetary gain and not genuinely helping individuals recover from addiction. That is why it is good to invest your time searching for an effective and trustworthy rehab facility.

It is vital to know what to look for as you research addiction treatment centers in Orange county.


First things first, accreditation is essential when choosing a rehab center. A legitimate addiction treatment center should have state licensing and other accreditations by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. When checking accreditation, it is also essential to go through reviews which can help find out if the facility uses ethical or unethical practices.

Medical detoxification services

Keep in mind that a medical detoxification process can be provided by a professional Healthcare provider even before you enroll in a treatment program. However, undergoing a detox program in an addiction treatment center simplifies the process and allows you to begin a comprehensive treatment simultaneously.

When choosing a rehab facility, find out f they use medical detox or medication-assisted therapies to address drug withdrawal symptoms. Learn more about the practices they use to reduce drug cravings, and keep in mind that ongoing monitoring or supervision of your physical health is essential for your recovery.

Treatment success rates

The definition of addiction treatment success can vary from one addiction treatment facility to another. However, it is crucial to assess the success rates of the rehab facility in treating individuals with your kind of addiction, whether alcohol or drug addiction. But beware of rehab facilities that claim to have 100% success rates because it is hard to guarantee 100% success outcomes in addiction treatment.

Specialized programs

What specialized programs are available in the facility to help you during your recovery process? A quality addiction treatment center does not take a cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment. It is best to choose an addiction treatment facility where the treatment programs are individualized or tailored to every individual’s unique needs. That means providing targeted teen programs, gender-specific programs, individual counseling, and other types of specialized treatment programs.

Family support

Look for an addiction treatment facility that caters to family support during the recovery process. Addiction, whether to alcohol, opioid, or other drugs, is a problem that affects the whole family. The family needs to recover and heal from the chaos the addicted member has put them through. Addiction treatment tends to be more successful when the family is involved and educated about addiction and recovery.

Post-treatment support

One of the most dreaded things during addiction treatment is a relapse. That is why the treatment process should involve a high level of after-care support. Having a support system after recovery is very important to prevent a relapse. Quality addiction treatment centers provide various post-treatment support programs, from continuing care support groups to phone coaching to ensure long-term success.


The addiction treatment center you choose becomes the foundation for your recovery process, so you should choose wisely.

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